Broken Vape Carts 101

Broken Vape Carts 101.jpg

“My cartridge is leaking” “My vape quite working” “The glass part on my vape thingy separated from the silver thingy”  

If you have ever vaped nicotine e-liquid, or cannabis extracts from a vape cartridge, the chances are you’ve said a variation of one or all of these things. 

We tried out a multitude of cartridges before landing on the ones that we offer our products in, and so far the failure to success rate of our carts is still massively on the success side. Actually very few carts have failed on us, less than 1% but it has happened, and will continue to happen from time to time. It’s unavoidable. (Keep in mind, we don’t manufacture the cartridge that our extracts are in, just the oil that’s inside.)

It however is not a problem unique to us, because despite what some might say, there is no such thing as a “perfect vape cart”. Every company that offers any product in a vape cartridge or tank has manufacture defects. Thousands upon thousands of these cartridges are mass produced hourly, and it’s inevitable that some just aren’t produced correctly.  

We offer a pretty comprehensive return policy. But in short, if you buy a Simple Cure Vape cartridge that is literally faulty, just return it to the dispensary that you bought it from and they will exchange it for you. However, 8 out 10 of the carts that have been returned to us have worked just fine once placed on a different device. So the kicker is making sure that the cart is actually faulty...

Below are some basic trouble shooting tips for dealing with all vapeable products. 

  1. TRY ANOTHER DEVICE: Place the cart in question on another vape device. Almost all vape devices whether it’s for nicotine e-liquid or cannabis extracts have a universal connection type known as 510. The tanks and carts have a 510 threading on the bottom that screws into the 510 threading on top of the vape device. It is possible that the 510 connection on the vape device that you are using is the origin of the problem and not the cart. If you place the cart onto another vape device and it vaporizes, then you have figured out that the problem is not the cart and probably the device it’s being used on. 

  2. NEVER OVER TIGHTEN YOUR CARTRIDGE: One of the most common reasons for the above mentioned problem is over tightening the cartridge onto the vape device. This smashes the 510 connection pin on the vape device and prevents the cartridge from making contact with the device’s power source. You only want to tighten your cartridge to the point that it stops spinning. Tightening the cart extra tight serves no benefit and has nothing to do with preventing the cartridge from leaking. It will eventually damage the 510 connection pin on the vape device and render the device useless. Sometimes if the problem is the vape device you can help remedy that problem by using a small metal pick or tiny screw driver and gently lifting up on the brass or silver 510 connection pin that is on top of the device. We can’t stress the word “gently” enough, if you pull up to hard on the connection pin that could snap and break the vape device and render it useless. So very lightly lift it up and then try attaching the cart to it again and seeing if that fixes the issue.(2.B: It is not a bad idea to have a larger vapor mod like the devices commonly used for vaping nicotine e-liquid on hand. Most of these devices come with an ohm reader, so if your vape pen stops firing the cart, you can place the cartridge onto a vape mod with a digital screen and ohm reader and see if the mod recognizes the cart. If the mod with an ohm reader doesn’t recognize the cart then you can most likely bet that the cart is defective.)

  3. TAKE YOUR DEVICE OUT OF YOUR POCKET WHEN YOU SET DOWN: Try to get in the habit of removing the pen or vape device out of your pocket when you sit down. The pressure of your pants tightening when you set down can cause breaks and cracks in the glass section of the tank as well as cause the tank to start separating at the base or at top of the cart where the glass and tip connects. The glass and the bottom part of the tanks are just pressure fit, they are not threaded, so applying extra pressure can cause major separation issues resulting in leakage. 

  4. LEAVE YOUR CART UPRIGHT WHEN NOT IN USE: All vape tanks/carts work through a wicking process. The oil inside the cart is fed in through the little holes on the side of the metal chamber that’s inside of the cartridge when you pull on it. (you can see the wick holes through the glass tank section) It is possible that if your cartridge is left on it’s side or upside down for long periods of time that some oil will feed into the vaporization/air chamber from the top of the tube section and when too much extract gets into that center tube it won’t be able to be vaporized, which will result in that excess oil leaking out of the mouth piece or get pulled into your mouth when you draw on it. (All of the THC is activated in our extracts, so that can result in quite a large dose if the oil is ingested orally) 

  5. TAKE LESS INTENSE PULLS: Our full spectrum oil is pretty thick by design since we don’t use any thinning oils, so we understand the desire to pull hard on the cartridge as you take a puff. However that really doesn’t do anything to get a good dose. It is much more effective to take a longer drag, or several smaller drags to get the best dose, or even “pulse firing” the device a few times before beginning your pull (Pulse firing = pushing the button for a few seconds without taking a drag on it). The amount of vapor that the cart produces has nothing to do with the intensity of the drag that you take, and all to do with how hot the vaporizing coil gets inside of the chamber. So the longer or more frequent that coil heats up the better the dose you will get. Pulling extra hard on the cartridge will however cause the coil chamber where the wick is at to flood, and when the chamber floods, it will either come up and out and into your mouth, through the mouth piece, or start to leak out of the cart somewhere. So try to work on taking longer softer pulls, or several small puffs back to back, or pulse fire the device before you start to puff. 

  6. TURN THE POWER DOWN: Our cartridges are ceramic cell coils. They are not designed to be vaped at high wattage settings. We recommend not turning your power above 8 watts. If you vape at high wattages you will eventually pop the coil, and roast your wick, rendering your cartridge useless.

In summary, sometimes vape carts just fail. That has nothing to do with you as the user, or us as the producer of the oil that’s inside, and everything to do with the manufacturer of the hardware. Regardless of those facts, we stand behind our products and are always willing to replace a truly faulty cartridge. Please take the time to do a little trouble shooting on your own and see if you can fix the problem, and then if that doesn’t work please contact the dispensary, or us directly HERE before you decide to label us a bad company. We sincerely care about our customers, and want to be able to help with any unavoidable issues that might arise with our products. So give us a chance to help out.