Our mission is to provide the best alternative consumer solutions available and to improve patient’s quality of life in a meaningful way.

SimpleCure (Simple Cure Labs TM) sets the standard for quality and consistency in Oklahoma Medical grade Cannabis. Our team of Chemical Engineers, Pharmacist, Legal experts, and experienced Lab Techs are paired with the most sophisticated tools and advanced processes in the industry.

Prior to SQ788, Parent company, Oklahoma Processing Solutions (OPS) has been operating one of the country’s top tobacco harm reduction manufacturing labs, Flagship Vapor Co. With that division we have been able to help thousands of citizens live a healthier lifestyle by transitioning off combustible tobacco. Our ongoing partnership with OUHSC/Stephenson Cancer Center continues to offer Oklahomans a free and effective means off combustible tobacco.

With the ever-changing landscape of the Vapor Industry, Oklahoma Processing Solutions made a significant financial and personnel commitment to diversify our brand and enter the medical marijuana extraction space. Although Flagship continues to flourish in the Vapor market, OPS has added massive resources to secure state of the art extraction equipment and added staff to run a 16 hour per day operation.

After making the decision to be a player in the Cannabis market, Oklahoma Processing Solutions began a month-long fact-finding mission that allowed for significant research to take place in Denver, Colorado, San Jose, California, Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. After meeting with experienced professionals in every aspect of the marijuana industry, our adventure had begun, and our vision became . . . . . . clear.

Combustible tobacco and prescription medications can lead to a variety of health conditions and often death. OPS and its respective divisions aim to offer a consistent, quality experiences for each product user and by being a part of citizens living a happy healthy lifestyle we find great joy and achievement in our work.

Cannabis has a so many proven benefits for the body and mind. We work each day with a focus on getting the best solutions available to as many patients we can. If you have any questions about our products or ways we may be able to help please contact us @ 405-601-6867